Arborist USA is your premium resource for the finest complete tree care services available in Fort Worth and the entire DFW metroplex area.  For over 25 years, our family-owned and locally-based experienced tree company has cared for the trees of homeowners in the vast area we serve.  Are you in need of land clearing?  Are you needing tree removal?

Is there a large tree in your outdoor environment that needs to be removed?  No matter what tree service you are in need of, our ISA certified arborist, tree expert and a team of arbor care professionals have the extensive experience necessary to take care of it for you! 

As you can imagine, we’re frequently asked how much it costs to remove a tree.  Tree removal is a dangerous task!  We adhere to strong safety protocols and our team is licensed, insured and bonded.  Give us a call at (817) 880-6130 and speak with our tree removal specialist.  

I Have A Big Tree That Needs Tree Removal. What Will That Cost?

In general, the average cost to remove a large tree in Fort Worth ranges between approximately $150 to $1500; however, there are many issues that must be considered that can greatly affect the cost to remove a large tree.  Depending upon the circumstances, removing a large, mature tree can cost in the thousands. 

The following are some important aspects that must be evaluated closely:

How Large And Mature Is The Tree?

Tall, mature trees have established root systems and require special equipment to remove them safely.  It takes more to remove a tree safely than swinging a chainsaw! 

Proper cabling, roping, and structural supports must be utilized.  Safety must come first! 

Is The Tree Near Your Home Or The Home Of Your Neighbor?

Once again, safety is of prime importance.  Your home is valuable and you don’t want it to be damaged by unsafe tree removal methods. 

Our entire team is licensed, insured and bonded and wears company uniforms for your easy identification.  We ensure that your safety, the safety of your home and your neighbor’s home and all who set foot upon your property are well-protected.

Are Power Lines In Close Vicinity of The Tree Removal?

This is an important consideration!  To remove trees safely that are located near power lines requires state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled tree removal specialists.

Is The Tree Along The Edge Of Your Street?

Is there regular traffic along your street?  Is the tree obstructing the view of those who drive by?  Safety precautions and proper equipment must be used to remove trees safely that are located along the street’s edge.

I Called A lot Of Companies And The Estimates They Quote Me Vary A Lot. Why Is That?

It is impossible to provide an accurate estimation without analyzing the specific tree that needs to be removed, the tree’s surrounding environment and determining the proper equipment that must be utilized.  We always offer a free consultation and free estimate. 

No one wants unwanted negative financial surprises!  It is absolutely essential that an in-person consultation is provided by an experienced tree removal specialist.  

If It’s Expensive, Do I Have Other Alternatives?

Yes.  Tree stump removal is often less expensive than removing a large tree; however, large tree stumps can have very expansive root systems that present a challenge to remove completely.  An even more affordable option is to cut the tree down closely to the ground and leave a small tree stump. Another option is to remove the tree yourself.

I Don’t Want A Big Tree Stump In My Yard. What Can Be Done So It Doesn’t Show?

Stump grinding is even more affordable and eliminates the eyesore and safety hazard of a tree stump amidst your outdoor grounds.  The stump is ground slightly below the soil level and can be cleverly disguised with decorative plants, mulch, and other outdoor enhancements. 

Safety Is Important To Me!  Who Can I Contact for Tree Removal?

Give us a call at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your free consultation with our tree care expert.  We will examine your tree that’s in need of removal, evaluate your outdoor grounds and the surrounding area and provide you with an accurate estimation of the cost.  Entrust your tree removal to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our 5-star rating speaks for itself!

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