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Land Clearing in Fort Worth, TX

Your Land Clearing Solutions

Arborist USA has worked with the largest developers in Dallas Fort Worth to help them with land clearing in Fort Worth, TX and their brush removal projects. Our focus is to help your company with all their pre-construction phase land clearing. We have state certified blueprint readers that have the capacity to understand exactly what the project is and how much the cost will be.

We also specialize in tree conservation to be able to identify which trees should be saved during the excavation and development process. Being able to take the analysis of every tree and plant from our certified Arborist is a huge advantage on saving investments by using one contractor for multiple services. We can help you chose the right trees, and plantation in its natural environment to capitalize on budgets.

Our trained arborist along with our professional land clearing management will make the process fast, efficient, and affordable.

Treating trees back to good health in Fort Worth, TX.

We can help you with your next land clearing job in Fort Worth, TX.

Land Clearing & Brush Removal Company

Arborist USA is not just an arbor care company in the tree conservation business. Our scope of work is to be involved in every level of corporate development when it comes to your next land clearing in Fort Worth or brush removal. Our in-house development engineers can help you make the right choices in conserving your budget and at the same time the resources that are available do you naturally.

We have started and finished multiple million dollar projects to include The Corpse of Engineers, with multiple cities. To include golf courses, recreation centers, and corporate businesses just to name a few. Yes we have prepared their land for construction and done it successfully. We have extensive experience in working with general contractor companies knowing what they expect and how to not hold a job back by finishing in a timely manner.



We provide bulldozers for land clearing in Fort Worth, TX


We provide tractors for land clearing in Fort Worth, TX


We provide bobcats for land clearing in Fort Worth, TX

Dumb Trucks

We provide dump trucks for land clearing in Fort Worth, TX

Arborist Company in Fort Worth, TX

A history of Arborist USA, a company you can trust! Jörg Friar great grandpa immigrated from Germany in 1910 to find work with an easter logging company. It was there that the first roots of Arborist USA started in the tree service industry. In addition 25 years later Trinidad Friar, grandpa started in the logging industry and furthered the legacy of the Friar family Tree service name. Twenty six (26) years later Trinidad Junior got to play his role in a small south Texas city as one of the first pioneer arborists from San Antonio to McAllen, Texas.
Today, Henry G Friar the proud owner and operator of Arborist USA is a plant pathologist and environmental engineer. He loves working with trees and seeing the smile on his customer’s faces. Arborist USA is a family owned and operated business. Henry, his wife Flor and his sons Josh, Martin, Alex, and Jon run Arborist USA. With locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Austin, and Fort Myers, Florida. Arborist USA aims to save your trees from tree disease and keep them healthy year round.

We Are Certified, Insured & Licensed for Land Clearing In Fort Worth, Texas

Our insurance is five star being able to cover $5 million of aggregate, Workmen’s Compensation, auto and general liability’s. We also work closely with Fidelity in ensuring we have best bonds available in our market. We understand the development process being able to also if needed be pull city permits and other special permissions. Depending on the size of the job and the direction of the contract we can have as much is 100 people work force available on the first day of work.

Maybe you don’t have a huge development project on your hands and you want to clear a few acres of land or a lot? Not a problem we have the capacity to do great jobs that are small as well. We also have worked with many different ranges in the North Texas area helping them prepare for hunting, future planting, and construction. For all your land cleaning in Fort Worth, brush removal, and large developments call arborist USA we have the real solutions for your project.

A healthy Live Oak in Fort Worth, TX.

Plant Pathologist, Environment Engineer, & Owner of Arborist USA.

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