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Twig Girdlers Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

These beetles are insect pests that severely damage hardwood trees. They are common throughout Fort Worth, as their favorite host's trees are stately oak, hickory and pecan trees that are prevalent in established neighborhoods. Twig girdlers become obvious in late summer Texas heat. Infested trees exhibit premature defoliation, branches falling, dead branches and chew marks that girdle small twig growth. Early treatment is important to prevent severe insect infestation; therefore, do not delay in contacting an experienced tree company when your tree has manifested these symptoms, you observe beetles on your trees and outdoor grounds or your tree is exhibiting signs of a sick tree. Twig Girdlers Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 880-6130 for an Twig Girdlers diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Twig Girdlers

Trees that have been stressed and weakened have less resistance against twig girdler insect problems. They lay their eggs and overwinter inside twigs and tree branches and infest ground debris. Twig girdler damage can be extensive and confirmed diagnosis of twig girdler presence is a must! Contact an arborist that treats sick trees to request a diagnostic evaluation. The certified arborist will closely inspect the tree and your outdoor grounds. A comprehensive diagnosis report will be provided to you. The tree care specialist will administer and direct the needed treatment and a one year warranty is included. Proactive measures are always best to ensure your trees are protected.

Treatment Of Twig Girdlers

The first action necessary to eliminate twig girdlers is to have a professional tree removal service eliminate and destroy severely infested trees, dead branches, and all ground debris. Maintaining clean outdoor residential grounds is essential. Infested branches and shoots must be pruned by a tree pruning service to reduce twig girdler larvae. Keeping your trees in optimum health by scheduling a tree expert to annually administer deep root fertilization will make your trees 95% less apt to become infested with insect pests or invaded by tree diseases. A customized continual tree health care plan by an experienced tree company will free you of the concern of caring for your trees and will ensure that your residential outdoor grounds and your valuable trees always remain beautiful and healthy. Entrust the care of your prized living investments to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. Our professional family of tree care specialists, tree doctors, and tree experts are devoted to providing you with the finest quality tree and plant health care at the best price. If you have Twig Girdlers on your property, call (817) 880-6130 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

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