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Fort Myers, FL

Phone: (817) 880-6130

Arborist USA is a superior tree service in Fort Myers. We’ve been operating for 25 years now and have ISA certified arborist ready to assist you and your tree, whether your in Cape Coral or all the way in Naples. Your just a call away from getting a free consultation!

Trees are everything our company has ever revolved around, with over 25 years of experience and ISA certified arborist in house. We also have one of the highest satisfaction rates in all of Southwest Florida. Feel free to call us if you have any questions, yes literally anytime.

Need to plant a tree? We have tree experts here ready to help you and guide you to find the right tree for you and your home, business, or other properties.

Common Questions

1) What can I do to improve my trees health?

Providing proper maintenance on your trees consecutively to obtain longevity and healthiness.


2) How many times should I water my tree?

Depending on the tree species on average you should water your tree twice a week.


3) Should I prune my trees myself?

Yes if you properly prune back to the Y and cleanse your utensils before use.


4) Why Choose Arborist USA for Your Tree Care Needs?

We have one of the highest ratings you’ll find out that come from more than 25 years of experience and operating in the tree service industry. Which means we know what your tree needs and also know the best solutions for your tree needs. We are also one of the safest and efficient tree services in all of Southwest Florida. Our tree experts make everything easy and they let you know everything we do before hand.

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