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We have trusted Certified Arborist and proven to be one of the best consultation arborist companies in Fort Worth for the past 20 years, call (817) 880-6130. Arborist USA helps many residential and commercial Fort Worth sick tree care clients with any Arborist questions or concerns. We are a Fort Worth Arborist tree business equipped to diagnose tree pest problems, tree pathogen‘s, all tree fungal, and leaf scorch bacteria‘s on all trees and shrubs on your property. We are a full Fort Worth tree assessment firm. Able to handle one sick tree treatment or a plantation of 5,000 trees.

Ask about our Tree Health programs in Tarrant County and our Plant Health Maintenance evaluations. Arborist USA has been the answer too many property managers with our one-year tree warranty programs. If we inject a tree on your property we offer a one-year warranty on repeat injections within that timeframe. We also have an in-house plan pathologist that can help you with detailed diagnosing on your tree plant health concerns.

Arborist That Specialize in the Following Arboriculture Services:

  • Soil Testing
  • Tree & Shrub Diagnosis
  • Tree & Shrub Cost Management
  • Plant Pathology & Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Computer Design – Home Designer Suite for Trees and Landscape
  • Expert Land and Tree Urban Witnessing
  • Environmental Engineering Consulting
  • Forensic Landscaping & Plant Health Reports
  • Tree Risk Consulting to include Appraisals
You are in good hands with our Arboriculture services with a broad area of expertise. Our Arborist company brings real answers to your landscaping concerns and questions.
Treating trees back to good health in Fort Worth, TX.
Treating trees back to good health in Fort Worth, TX.


We provide safe tree removal in Fort Worth, Texas.


We provide tree removal in Fort Worth, TX.

We provide Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning in Fort Worth, TX.


We provide tree trimming & tree pruning in Fort Worth, TX.

We provide Sick Tree Care in Fort Worth, TX.


We provide Sick Tree & Tree Care in Fort Worth, TX.

We provide Tree Management for your shrubs, trees, and more.


We provide Tree Health Management in Fort Worth, TX.

Your Fort Worth Arborist Company

A history of Arborist USA, a company you can trust! Jörg Friar great grandpa immigrated from Germany in 1910 to find work with an easter logging company. It was there that the first roots of Arborist USA started in the tree service industry. In addition 25 years later Trinidad Friar, grandpa started in the logging industry and furthered the legacy of the Friar family Tree service name. Twenty six (26) years later Trinidad Junior got to play his role in a small south Texas city as one of the first pioneer arborists from San Antonio to McAllen, Texas.
Today, Henry G Friar the proud owner and operator of Arborist USA is a plant pathologist and environmental engineer. He loves working with trees and seeing the smile on his customer’s faces. Arborist USA is a family owned and operated business. Henry, his wife Flor and his sons Josh, Martin, Alex, and Jon run Arborist USA. With locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Austin, and Fort Myers, Florida. Arborist USA aims to save your trees from tree disease and keep them healthy year round.

ISA Certified Arborist

Arborist USA is a Fort Worth arborist company that has four arborist across three states ready to help you. We work closely with Texas A&M extension services to combat tree disease and restore sick trees to good health. We specialize in tree pest control in Fort Worth, TX. Our tree doctor Fort Worth team is experienced in diagnosing and treating tree disease to include unhealthy shrubs. One great thing about working with Arborist USA we are owned and operated by the Friar family and take great pride in making sure that every customer is as important as the next.

We not only have arbor care professionals in Fort Worth, Texas but we also provide quality customer service experiences. Going over and beyond to making sure our tree service arborist customers are completely satisfied. Our staff is trained in the latest techniques when it comes to tree pruning, tree climbing, removing of dangerous trees, and tree risk assessments. For all your arbor care needs contract an arborist Fort Worth business that goes over and beyond for our wonderful clients.

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A healthy Live Oak in Fort Worth, TX.
Plant Pathologist, Environment Engineer, & Owner of Arborist USA.

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Arborist USA is a leading provider for Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX and all of the Dallas Fort Worth area. We make sure to go the extra mile to insure you get the best care, satisfaction, and affordability of our tree services provided.



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