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Arborist USA is a trustworthy tree service in Fort Worth, TX for both residential & commercial properties. Are you in need of a tree removal on your property or other? Here are some of the great things about our tree services:

  • Increase your property value – Not every house has a tree, but you can change that. If you need consultation on whether to plant a tree and which tree to plant were here to help you choose!
  • Safety is our priority – Our main priority when working near your property is to be safe and also keeping your property safe. We help you more than most tree services offer!
  • Clean & efficient – We also know the mess sometimes trees can make, you wont have to worry with us. We clean up every mess we make.
  • Happy customer – Last but not least, we always strive for our customers to be the happiest of them all. If you didn’t know we have one of the highest satisfaction rates, no more worries. We guarantee we will be the last tree service you will ever call!

Why Hire Arborist USA for Your Tree Care Needs?

Well yes, other contractors do offer and perform the same service, but what they don’t tell you is they don’t offer the quality nor the prices we offer! We also have a great rating from the BBB that you can check right here. We strive to be the best tree service in all of DFW and guarantee that we will be the first and last tree service you’ll ever call. We are insured and bonded and have one the highest satisfaction rate, did I also mention our 5 star rating from google.

Just give our friendly tree experts a call and you’ll know right of the bat that we are a legit and trustworthy tree service company. Our arborist will walk you through the whole process and make everything one hundred times easier, I promise!

Just call (817) 880-6130 or contact us online to get your free Tree Service consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do I need to remove my tree?
    If your tree is dead or violating city code, then you may need to have it removed.
  2. How can I keep my tree healthy?
    Depending on your tree, constantly watering your tree. Making sure it is free from any diseases. Have it checked out by a Certified Arborist.
  3. What if something goes wrong during the tree removal process?
    Relax, no need to worry. We’ll make it right. We’re insured, bonded and have you covered. It’s one of the reasons that has helped us keep an excellent Better Business Bureau rating over the past 25+ years.
  4. Why Choose Arborist USA for Your Tree Care Needs?
    We have great ratings you’ll find out that come from more than 25 years of experience in tree service. Which means we know what your tree needs and what’s the best solution for your tree. We are also one of the safest and efficient tree services in all of DFW. Our tree experts make everything easy and they let you know everything we do before hand.
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