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Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

Subject conditions that are brought from unwanted care, not maintaining the health of trees by trimming or such as. One common condition is known as Hypoxylon Canker a fungus brought from untrimmed, not maintaining 101 on limbs or other areas of trees. Nurturing and caring for the health of your tree is highly important. If your trees are a “sick tree” please contact your local tree doctor specialist for a free consultation.

How Prone Are Trees To Get It?

All trees are subject to the disease but the vast majority of shade trees deal with Hypoxylon canker. Proper care and other key elements to maintaining your trees health will prevent infections from captivating or becoming subject. Stress environments can cause trees to become susceptible to diseases such as hack job cuts, compacted soil, disturbed roots or other.

Treatments and Symptoms of Hypoxylon Canker

Being visible on bark system it is easy to spot and detect of trees are contaminated. This will help determine more of a decision to make the right choices in bettering your trees health overall. If you need an Arborist or plant health care specialist we can help you administer a time to consult and evaluate your trees health in all. Call us at (817) 880-6130 to schedule a free diagnosis test.

A healthy Live Oak in Fort Worth, TX.

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