Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

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Arborist USA offers Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Subject conditions are brought from unwanted care, not maintaining the health of trees by trimming or such. One common condition is Hypoxylon Canker, a fungus brought from untrimmed, not holding 101 on limbs or other areas of trees. Nurturing and caring for the health of your tree is highly important. If your trees are “sick trees,” don’t hesitate to contact your local tree doctor specialist for a free consultation.

Hypoxylon Canker Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

If you need Hypoxylon Canker treatment in Fort Worth, TX, please get in touch with Arborist USA today at (817) 880-6130, your Sick Tree Disease Specialist.

Can My Trees Get Hypoxylon Canker?

All trees are subject to the disease, but most shade trees deal with Hypoxylon canker. Proper care and other vital elements to maintaining your tree’s health will prevent infections from captivating or becoming subject. Stress environments can cause trees to become susceptible to diseases such as hack job cuts, compacted soil, disturbed roots, or others.

Symptoms and Treatment of Hypoxylon Canker

Being visible on the bark system, spotting and detecting contaminated trees is easy. This will help determine more of a decision to make the right choices in bettering the health of your trees overall. If you need an Arborist or plant health care specialist, we can help you administer a time to consult and evaluate the health of your trees.

If you’re concerned or have any further questions about our Hypoxylon Canker Treatments or other Tree Disease Treatments in Fort Worth, TX, or surrounding areas in North Texas, please call us at (817) 880-6130.

Fungal Tree Diseases

Listed below are common fungal diseases found in Texas trees.


A common fungus in ornamentals, trees, and shrubs; causes a chlorotic color and spots destroying leaves.

Hypoxylon Canker

A fungus that causes cankers & death of oak & other hardwood areas of trees, a very common disease in trees.

Leaf Spot

A variety of factors cause a spot or browning of leaves. Typically caused by wet, humid weather conditions during spring.

Oak Decline

A general concept of an acute oak decline could be a variety of diseases subject to shade trees.

Oak Wilt

A rapid and destructive tree disease that is extremely aggressive in all oak trees, especially in Live Oaks.

Powdery Mildew

A white powdery appearing fungus (white spots) quickly covering the leaf surfaces and affecting all leaves around to turn brown.

Texas Root Rot

A over-saturation in feeder roots and root system in general, causing decay and lack of oxygen.

Seiridium Canker

Seiridium Canker is a fungal pathogen subject to ornamentals in the North Texas region.

Twig Blight

A variety of a different fungus attack subject to juniper, cedar, and arborvitae. Indicated on twigs that should be pruned.


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