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Arbor Care in Fort Worth, TX

Choosing the right tree doctor can be a daunting task at times especially when you don’t know anything about plantations, shrubs, and trees. Our job at arborist USA is not only to take care of your plantation but to give you great informative information on how to take care of your trees so they can thrive in the environment in which they have been planted.

Arbor Care Fort Worth. Not all arbor companies are like us, we take a different approach (Arborist USA). Our main focus is our “customers” and the concerns they might have when it comes there shrubs or trees.

In your first initial visitation free of charge we will evaluate the species in question and do a full physical and biological scan of your trees.

A healthy Live Oak in Fort Worth, TX.

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Common Treatments and What’s Included

We start off by identifying if there are any problems with the canopy or better known as the crown of your trees. If there’s deadwood, weathered branches, leaf foliage, and if last seasons growth patterns were up to standards on your species. 

These are just a few items on our checklist but are extremely important because they are an indication that your trees might be under stress and in need of treatment immediately. We checked further down the main vascular system to make sure that the bark is in good healthy condition and your limbs or branches are growing healthy.

Arbor Care Fort Worth. Included in the evaluation of your bark we check for insect infestation to make sure that specific insects like bores or cankerworms have not started to invade your tree or shrubs. Both of these insects can cause severe devastation and death of your plantation. 

Our next routine step in the evaluation process will take us down to the trunk flare. We evaluate to make sure that you have good sturdy flare roots and that nothing will block your vascular system like girdling roots the will chock your trees vascular system and cause a lack of proper nutrients.

Tree Care Services

Tree Disease

We provide effective tree disease treatments in Fort Worth, TX.

Tree Injections

We provide tree injections for tree diseases in Fort Worth, TX.

Tree Fertilization

We provide tree fertilization for your trees in Fort Worth, TX.

Tree Mulching

We provide tree mulching for your trees in Fort Worth, TX.

Tree Health

Check your trees health. We provide a full-free tree health diagnosis!

Sick Trees

Do you have sick trees that need tree treatments in Fort Worth, TX.

Proper Arbor Care in Fort Worth, TX

In some cases whenever a tree is under stress it is necessary to move away from any fertilizer, mulch or dirt away from the trunk flare to get a good identification on how your roof system is grown. This is the area that normally will have bug infestations dormant or active in a colony and could cause serious disease in your overall trees health. 

Last and as important as all the above; we take a soil sample to see if there’s any lacking minerals or nutrients that your tree will absolutely need for it to thrive in its environment. Arbor Care Fort Worth. 

After a complete diagnosis has been taken and the results are in we will sit down with you and bring real solutions for your overall trees health. Helping you combat disease or simply put back the soil’s nutrients that are lacking for your tree to continue to live a long healthy life.

A healthy Live Oak in Fort Worth, TX.

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Certified Arborist

Our Arborist our certified to ensure the proper pruning and diagnosing of diseased and sick trees. This equips our staff not only to diagnose your trees but also to prevent further diseases and apply the necessary pesticides that are required and allowed by the state of Texas with the proper licensing. 

We have several city contracts for Arbor Care to include Fort Worth, Lake Worth and many more.

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