Tree Trimming in Fort Worth, TX

Not all tree services and landscaping companies can get you the quality cuts when it comes to doing surgery on your trees. Best Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning in Fort Worth, TX. Call (817) 880-6130 to learn more about our tree trimming service. You need an arbor care company arborist that has the experience and the knowledge to know exactly where the cuts need to be made and how the process works.

This standard in the tree industry is called ANSI – A300. These standards should be the right protocols for your trees, young or mature to be trimmed. We have several crews operating in your area all which have a been trained with our apprenticeship program that will allow you to get the very best and high-quality trimming in our industry.

We provide tree trimming & tree pruning in Fort Worth, TX.

We provide tree trimming & tree pruning in Fort Worth, TX.

Quality Tree Trimming Done By A Certified Arborist

Contracting a tree service that does not follow these protocols and standards can spell disaster! This could result in your trees not sealing properly or the growth patterns to sprout incorrectly. It is essential that whenever contracting a tree trimming company that they are certified arborist proving that they are trained in arboriculture so that the cuts on your trees will be done in a professional manner. Remember that your trees are the biggest investment on your property!

In proper cuts can leave your tree exposed to tree disease and insect infestation causing your trees to lose beauty, health, and worse possibly death. Arborist USA is a high quality tree trimming service that follows all guidelines and standards in our industry to ensure that our customers are getting the high quality that they deserve on their trees. Call (817) 880-6130 for a Free Quote on your next tree trimming.


Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is an important step for maintaining the beauty and Luster of your trees. The process is fairly simple but extremely important and critical that it’s done by a trained arborist. Once again as we mentioned above in proper cuts can deformed your trees crown leaving your trees to grow in properly.

Crown reduction is done when a tree has an overgrown mass on the crown. The goal is to reduce the overall mass of the tree by cutting from the top of the crown to the bottom. Only smaller branches and limbs should be targeted it’s imperative to stay away from the main vascular branches to ensure that the tree has a great chance of growing properly in the future.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process in which you remove the lower part of the branches. This process is a common tree trimming practice and gives a great appearance to the overall cosmetic look of your trees. The goal is to remove the overhanging drip line branches that could make your crown have too much mass.

This process is also important to making sure that the tree has equal weight from the trunk flare through the vascular system all the way through to the top us the crown.

This is great for making sure that the tree can sustain high winds or storms without causing any cracking or damages to the trees main stability. Please keep in mind that only 30% or less of your tree should be pruned at one given time.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is probably one of the most popular and standard services that we provide to our customers. This is the process where we select certain limbs and branches by first eliminating the ones that are dead or drying. These should be only external smaller branches from the main vascular system.

This process is imperative for maintaining proper growth and good healthy patterns in the tree. Selecting the branches is the most important process you should try to select the ones that have grown improperly and are fairly new in the growth pattern in the tree “one year old growth only”.

This is especially important for airflow and to ensure that the overall tree mass is not weighted down causing your tree to damaged severely during storms and high Winds.

Crown Pallarding

Crown pollarding should only be used on younger trees under five years old and is in most cases not needed at all. This is a process that should not be done at one time but should be done through the duration of a six-month frame.

Cutting the limbs and branches back to the knuckles of the main vascular system. The reasoning behind is to correct improper growth patterns in the tree.

Process should not be done on mature trees seeing that their main vascular system can be severely damaged through the process and not go back to a normal cosmetic look.

Your Fort Worth Arborist Company

A history of Arborist USA, a company you can trust! Jörg Friar great grandpa immigrated from Germany in 1910 to find work with an easter logging company. It was there that the first roots of Arborist USA started in the tree service industry. In addition 25 years later Trinidad Friar, grandpa started in the logging industry and furthered the legacy of the Friar family Tree service name. Twenty six (26) years later Trinidad Junior got to play his role in a small south Texas city as one of the first pioneer arborists from San Antonio to McAllen, Texas.
Today, Henry G Friar the proud owner and operator of Arborist USA is a plant pathologist and environmental engineer. He loves working with trees and seeing the smile on his customer’s faces. Arborist USA is a family owned and operated business. Henry, his wife Flor and his sons Josh, Martin, Alex, and Jon run Arborist USA. With locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Austin, and Fort Myers, Florida. Arborist USA aims to save your trees from tree disease and keep them healthy year round.

Certified Arborist in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Arborist USA is a Fort Worth arborist company that has four arborist across three states ready to help you. We work closely with Texas A&M extension services to combat tree disease and restore sick trees to good health. We specialize in tree pest control in Fort Worth, TX. Our tree doctor Fort Worth team is experienced in diagnosing and treating tree disease to include unhealthy shrubs. One great thing about working with Arborist USA we are owned and operated by the Friar family and take great pride in making sure that every customer is as important as the next.

We not only have arbor care professionals in Fort Worth, Texas but we also provide quality customer service experiences. Going over and beyond to making sure our tree service arborist customers are completely satisfied. Our staff is trained in the latest techniques when it comes to tree pruning, tree climbing, removing of dangerous trees, and tree risk assessments. For all your arbor care needs contract an arborist Fort Worth business that goes over and beyond for our wonderful clients.

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Plant Pathologist, Environment Engineer, & Owner of Arborist USA.

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