Stump Grinding in Fort Worth, TX

Whenever choosing a stump grinding service keep in mind several variables. Stump grinding machines are normally humongous, extremely heavy and can at times cause damage to your landscape if not handled properly. To ensure that your landscape stays intact with no damage it is imperative that your tree service company lays plywood between the tires or the track system of the stump grinder and your lawn.

This will protect your lawn from any damage and ensure that the job is done in a professional manner. Another process to keep in mind is whenever using a stump grinder you will have lots of sawdust, wood chips, and debris.

This can be used as an organic material for your landscape if you choose, but in most cases, clients prefer for all the debris and dust to be hauled off.

How To Deal With The Root System

Whenever removing trees you always have the question what are we going to do with the root system? There are several alternatives to this question.


Leave the root system right where it’s at and covered with dirt. This solution is normally not recommended for trees that are close to your home’s foundation because the root system will continue to grow causing problems for your slabs or your foundation in the future.

The tree can also send out new growth spurts and re-sprout again.


Digging around the root system and pulling it out mechanically or manually. We’re not in the 1900s anymore this system is hardly ever used and is extremely expensive, time-consuming, and very labor consistent.

Arborist USA would not recommend taking this approach. The only time that this service should be administered manually is whenever you have a high-end landscape to consider or accessibility is not given to a stump grinder.

The choice of most tree service companies to save you time and money while allowing the job to be done in an adequate fashion is stump grinding. This allows you to be able to grind away at the root system and have it all gone in a matter of hours depending on the size of the trunk.

Stump Grinding The Right Way

In addition, the hole that was created from the stump grinder where the root system was can be covered with natural soil from the property. Most root systems go down into the soil about the same amount of space as your crown of the tree.

If you want to save money you can cut corners buy only removing the main vascular system of the roots. If you’re in need of a good stump grinding in Fort Worth call arborist USA we can assist with this service.

Certified Arborist in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Our Arborist are certified to ensure proper pruning and diagnosing of diseased and sick trees. This equips our staff not only to diagnose your trees but also to prevent further diseases and apply the necessary pesticides that are required and allowed by the state of Texas with the proper licensing. 

We have several city contracts for Arbor Care to include Fort Worth, Lake Worth and many more.

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