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Twig Blight Treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

This fungal pathogen usually occurs in early spring when new foliage growth begins manifesting. Twig blight invades new shoots and the ends of young branches and twigs. Yellow spots appear on new growth tips, cause dieback and then a reddish-brown color manifests. As this fungal disease advances, black spots appear and the branch will die. Twig blight is extremely common in Fort Worth and infects many tree and plant varieties. Early treatment is critical to prevent permanent damage or death of the tree. Contact an experienced tree company immediately if your tree is exhibiting these symptoms or is showing signs of a dying tree. Twig Blight Treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 880-6130 for an Twig Blight diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Twig Blight

Like most fungal tree diseases, twig blight thrives in excessive soil moisture and damp, warm spring weather. Trees that have suffered stress and are weak and vulnerable are most apt to become infected. Younger trees that have not developed strong immune systems are more likely to be invaded by this fungal nemesis than strong, mature trees. Early diagnosis is essential, as this fungal pathogen destroys the tree's vascular tissue. Schedule a tree health assessment with an arbor care professional. The certified arborist will examine the tree and comprise a diagnosis report. The specific treatment needed will be administered by an arborist that treats sick trees and a one year warranty is provided with any treatment.

Treatment Of Twig Blight

Scheduled early morning watering by means of soil drenching and soaker hoses overseen by a tree care specialist prevents excessive moisture from developing. Overhead sprinkler systems should never be used. Severely diseased trees and infected branches must be promptly removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal company. Regularly-scheduled pruning of infected branches by a tree pruning service using sanitized tools will prevent twig blight spread and must be done when the weather is dry. Fungicide treatments are successful when scheduled and administered by an arborist that treats sick trees. A continual tree health care maintenance plan developed specifically for you will ensure that your residential outdoor environment and your valuable trees always remain beautiful, healthy and strong. Take proactive measures and entrust the care of your prized trees and outdoor grounds to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. Our certified arborist, tree care specialists, and highly-experienced tree experts have been providing quality tree health care to our community for many years. If you have Twig Blight on your property, call (817) 880-6130 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

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