Here are the best times for tree pruning. Arborist USA is proud of providing the finest full-service tree care to Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex region.  For over 25 years, our family-owned and locally-based company has cared for the trees of homeowners throughout the many cities we provide service for. 

As you can imagine, our ISA certified arborist, tree expert and a team of arbor care professionals are frequently asked what the best time to prune trees is.  It is always best to contact an experienced tree company first rather than risk damaging your trees. 

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I Want My Trees To Look Good. When Can I Perform Tree Pruning?

The best time to prune your trees largely depends upon the reason you want to prune them.  If you want to remove small broken branches or shape them lightly then it is safe to prune them whenever you care to. 

Below are guidelines regarding the different seasons, but the tree’s variety should also be a consideration.

  • Winter: Pruning is most frequently done in the winter and it is best to wait and prune after the coldest weather has subsided.  Winter pruning stimulates new growth in the spring and is excellent if that is the effect you are looking for.  Your tree will exhibit lush new foliage growth when you prune during the winter months.
  • Summer: Pruning during the summer enables you to guide the tree’s growth and stop unwanted branches from developing.  Wait until the tree has already manifested new spring foliage growth.  It is also easier for you to see damaged limbs and branches that need to be removed when you prune during the summer.
  • Spring: Spring is an excellent time to prune flowering trees and shrubs.  Wait and prune them after their flowers begin to fade and are past their full-bloom stage.  For trees that produce blossoms from mid to late summer, it is best to prune them in the winter months or early spring season.
  • Fall: Don’t ever prune during the fall!  Destructive fungi target tree wounds and spread quickly during the fall.  New cuts on trees from pruning heal the slowest during the fall months and make your trees vulnerable to destructive fungal tree diseases.   Give your trees a break during the fall season!

Can’t I Prune Them Anytime I Want?

Many healthy trees can become weak and vulnerable to destructive tree diseases and insect infestations when they are pruned without careful planning or without professional guidance.  Pruning a tree properly involves much more than using clippers or a saw! 

Follow the guidelines stated above and always contact a tree care specialist when you are uncertain or have questions.

I Want To Do It Myself. Is That Okay?

It is okay to do your tree pruning yourself; however, you must be careful and follow proper tree pruning guidelines.  Improper pruning methods can result in a formerly healthy tree exhibiting signs of a sick tree and manifesting undesirable symptoms such as premature defoliation, dieback, and obvious insect activity and problems. 

When in doubt, it is always best to contact a professional tree service company.  

I Don’t Want To Damage My Trees. Who Can Help Me with Tree Pruning?

Contact the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our team of arbor care professionals has extensive knowledge and experience, are insured and bonded and always wear company uniforms for your ease in identification. 

We exhibit strong safety protocols so you will never have to worry about your home or other trees being in jeopardy while we are carefully pruning your trees.  Give us a call at (817) 880-6130 and schedule a complimentary consultation with our tree care expert. 

With Arborist USA, you can be certain you will receive the finest tree care services at the best price available anywhere.  You are the first priority with us!

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