As the largest and most-respected tree service company in this area, we are often asked by our clients if trees positively impact the value of your property. Without a doubt, YES! It is always best to work with an ISA Certified Arborist and an experienced tree service company. We are certain that you have many questions; therefore, call the best arborist and tree service company at (817) 880-6130 and schedule for our owner and ISA Certified Arborist and our highly-experienced tree expert to come and provide you with your free consultation!

What Are The Benefits Of Keeping My Trees Healthy?

In addition to the positive visual aesthetics that healthy trees provide, healthy trees add beauty and peaceful, shaded areas to your residential grounds. Healthy trees aid in cooling your home and lowering your electric bill dramatically!

Furthermore, the value of your property increases tremendously when your lawn is landscaped and graced by strong, healthy trees! Appraisers will value your property as much as 20% higher than properties that do not have healthy trees gracing the residential grounds!

What Are Signs Of A Healthy Tree?

When trees are healthy and robust, they manifest many positive signs! The following are just a few of the signs of a healthy tree that you can look for:

  • Thick Foliage – Lush, thick foliage with no bare spaces is a good indication of a healthy tree!
  • Appropriate Color – Your healthy trees should exhibit the color of the foliage that is appropriate for the variety of the tree and the season.
  • New Growth – Healthy, strong trees will exhibit obvious new foliage and new branches annually.
  • Unmarred Leaves – A strong, healthy tree will have leaves that do not have unsightly spots or discoloration and no blemishes.

Are There Treatments To Guard And Protect The Health Of My Trees?

Definitely! Our experienced tree service company offers many tree healthcare treatments to protect and guard the health of your prized living investments! Some that we offer you include the following:

  • Deep Root Fertilization – We highly recommend this important tree health care treatment! In order to ensure that your valuable tree has the minerals and nutrients that it requires, our tree expert injects under pressure the required nutrients directly into the root zone. Soil aeration occurs from the injected oxygen and problems from soil compaction are eliminated!
  • Prevent Tree Wounds – Trees that are wounded are often targeted by tree diseases and insect pests. If you observe that your prized tree has damaged areas it is of utmost importance to contact our experienced tree company promptly!
  • Protect Your Trees From Stressful Conditions – Normally, healthy trees have a natural resistance to tree diseases; however, healthy trees can become weak and vulnerable when they are exposed to stressful conditions. Weather conditions such as hail, thunderstorms, and extreme weather conditions can inflict stressful conditions upon the tree! Our highly-experienced tree expert will provide expertise to counter damaging weather conditions and guard the health of your tree!

Is It Beneficial To Work With An Arborist?

Yes, working with our ISA Certified Arborist is always the best way to ensure that your trees remain healthy and strong and that your residential grounds will maintain the highest level of beauty and value! Call us today at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation with our owner and ISA Certified Arborist and our tree care expert!

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