Here at Arborist USA, we are determined to battle the deadly fungal tree diseases that are spreading quickly throughout our region and the entire state of Texas! Our owner and ISA Certified Arborist, tree doctor, tree care professionals, and plant pathologist are encountering lethal fungal tree diseases in record-breaking numbers! Our family-owned tree service company has provided superior quality tree care services to fine residents throughout our region for more than three decades! If you notice that your valuable trees seem to be declining in health, do not delay! Contact Arborist USA immediately at  (817) 880-6130 and schedule your free consultation with our owner and highly-trained tree care expert!

What Is Causing The Trees On My Property to Dying So Fast?

Most likely, your valuable trees are suffering from serious fungal tree diseases! Several serious fungal tree diseases are destroying trees incredibly fast! Listed below are several of the very serious fungal pathogens that will destroy your prized trees quickly if you do not take a proactive approach to put a stop to these fungal tree diseases:

  • Oak Wilt – Primarily striking oak trees, this deadly fungal pathogen moves quickly! In addition to Texas, millions of eye-catching oak trees throughout the United States have been destroyed by this lethal fungal pathogen! Our tree care experts throughout Texas are encountering this deadly fungal tree disease frequently because this serious fungal pathogen causes severe damage and destruction to the statement-making oak trees throughout established Texas neighborhoods! The preferred targets are the live oak trees and the majestic Shumard red oak; however, no oak variety is safe from this deadly fungal tree disease! Remember, this lethal fungal pathogen kills quickly! It is of utmost importance to contact Arborist USA immediately at (817)880-6130 when you notice that the health of your valuable trees seems to be declining!
  • Anthracnose – This very serious fungal pathogen spreads swiftly and strikes many oak tree varieties, as well as a myriad of popular tree varieties such as elm, maple, dogwood, walnut, and many others! Cool, damp spring weather causes oak wilt to thrive and spread quickly! Anthracnose rarely will kill your entire tree; however, the visual damage is unsightly! If you notice that your valuable trees are not looking healthy, call Arborist USA at (817)880-6130 and request a diagnostic evaluation of your trees!
  • Hypoxylon Canker – This serious fungal tree disease is prevalent throughout the United States; however, there is a severe problem with this fungal tree disease throughout Texas and the North Texas region! This aggressive and quick-spreading tree destroyer primarily targets only weak and stressed trees. Unfortunately, once your tree is severely infected by hypoxylon canker, the tree may be beyond saving! When severely infected with hypoxylon canker, the tree may become a life-threatening danger to humans and property! When you observe that your tree has drastically declined in health, call Arborist USA at (817)880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation with our owner and ISA Certified Arborist!

What Indication Of Fungal Infection Will My Trees Exhibit?

When your trees are severely infected with a fungal tree disease, they will exhibit a thinning canopy, premature defoliation, and extreme color changes to the leaves! If the tree has been damaged, crusty patches may develop on the tree bark and there may be places in the bark on the branches and trunk that are peeling off. Do not delay in contacting us when you notice extreme changes to your valuable tree! Contact Arborist USA at (817)880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation with our owner and ISA Certified Arborist and our tree care professionals!

How Can I Prevent These Fungal Tree Diseases From Infecting All Of My Trees?

A proactive approach is key to guarding and protecting the health of your trees! Our tree care experts will advise you as to what the best tree healthcare treatments that we offer are best suited for your particular trees. Contact Arborist USA at (817)880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation with our owner and ISA Certified Arborist and our tree care professionals!

Who Should I Call To Diagnose My Tree And Treat My Trees If They Are Suffering From Serious Fungal Tree Diseases?

Contact the best arborist and tree service company at  (817) 880-6130 and schedule your free consultation! Our owner and highly-experienced tree service professionals adhere to the high standards that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for! No matter what your tree service needs are, you can count on Arborist USA to take care of it for you!

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