Limbs Dying On My Tree In North Texas

Here at Arborist USA, we are proud to offer superior quality tree care services to the fine residents throughout our region! For more than three decades, our family-owned tree service company has diagnosed, treated, and successfully saved trees that were in jeopardy! Have you been wondering why your tree appears to be losing its limbs or why the limbs on your tree appear to be dying? Never take chances when it comes to the health of your valuable trees! Our owner and ISA Certified Arborist, tree doctor, tree care professionals, and plant pathologist are always here to aid you in caring for your valuable living investments! When you are questioning the health of your tree, contact us at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your free consultation! No matter what your tree care needs are, you can depend on Arborist USA to take care of these services for you!

The Branches On My Tree Seem To Be Dying. What Is Causing This?

If your prized tree has been infected by a serious tree disease, broken twigs, branches falling from the tree and visible dying branches are indicative of this! Contact our highly-experienced tree service company immediately and request a complimentary consultation! Our owner and plant pathologist will evaluate the health of your tree and provide you with a diagnosis report. When you are in doubt regarding the health of your valuable tree, it is always best to contact us at (817)880-6130 and enlist the services of your tree care specialist!

Are There Tree Diseases That Are Causing The Branches To Fall Off And Dead Branches On My Tree?

Yes! Numerous common tree diseases can cause damage to your trees and their branches! Below are two incurable tree diseases that inflict severe damage to your prized trees!

  • Sudden Oak Death – Dead branches, branches falling from your tree, and thinning foliage are all indicative of this lethal fungal pathogen! Sudden Oak Death (SOD) is spreading rapidly throughout Texas and is increasing quickly in devastating numbers! This lethal tree disease thrives in cool, rainy Texas spring weather and swiftly spreads via splashing rain and wind. Unfortunately, once the advanced stages of this lethal tree disease begin to visibly manifest, it is often too late to save your tree! Contact our tree doctor promptly at (817)880-6130 if your beautiful shade trees appear to be declining in health or if you have noticed tree branches appear to be dying!
  • Ganoderma – Tree care experts and ISA Certified Arborists consider Ganoderma to be the most destructive, devastating fungal plague that infects trees! Not only does it spread swiftly to quickly obliterate a single tree, but it also spreads rapidly throughout your outdoor grounds and your neighborhood! This is a deceptive tree disease! Ganoderma destroys the tree from the inside out; therefore, it is often known as heart rot! Signs of infection include premature defoliation, mushroom-shaped structures at the baseline of the tree, and scattered dead branches. Severely infected trees are extremely dangerous! They can fall over and threaten life and property! Call our owner and ISA Certified Arborist immediately at (817)880-6130 if you believe that you have a sick tree or have observed any other of the symptoms stated above!

What Should I Do If My Tree Cannot Be Saved From This Serious Tree Disease?

Any dead or severely diseased trees must be immediately removed and destroyed by a tree service professional with extensive experience in tree removal! Never attempt this dangerous, difficult job yourself! Our tree removal specialists are bonded and insured and use only state-of-the-art equipment! Contact us at (817)880-6130 and request your free consultation with our owner and tree care specialist!

How Do I Guard And Protect The Health Of My Trees?

Without a doubt, the smartest way is to take proactive measures and entrust the care of your trees and residential grounds to the best arborist and Arborist USA! Your trees add value to your property and it is of utmost importance to guard and protect them! Call us today at (817) 880-6130 and request your complimentary consultation with our owner and tree care expert!

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