Are your live oak leaves turning brown in North Texas?

For more than three decades, our family-owned tree service company has diagnosed, treated, and successfully saved valuable trees that were in a very unhealthy state! Here at Arborist USA, we are proud to offer superior tree care services to the fine residents of our city and the surrounding region! Never guess or take chances regarding the health of your prized trees! Our owner and ISA Certified Arborist, tree doctor, tree care professionals, and highly-skilled tree care experts are always here to aid you in caring for your prized living investments! When you have doubts, contact us at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation! No matter what your tree care needs are, you can count on Arborist USA to take care of your tree care needs for you!

My Live Oak Trees Are Valuable And Add Beauty To My Yard. The Leaves On My Live Oak Trees Are Turning Brown! Are My Live Oak Trees Sick?

How Do I Know If My Live Oak Tree Has A Tree Disease?

Browning foliage indicates that your valuable tree most likely has a serious tree disease! Never take chances when it comes to the health of your prized trees! Early detection prevents serious damage from happening to your valuable trees! When you notice browning leaves, it is always best to contact our experienced tree service company immediately and request that our owner and ISA Certified Arborist come out and assess the condition of your valuable tree!

Are There Serious Tree Diseases That Make The Leaves On My Live Oak Trees Turn Brown?

Yes! When you notice that the leaves on your live oak trees are turning brown, it is of utmost importance to contact Arborist USA immediately and request our owner and highly-trained tree care expert to come and assess the health of your valuable oak tree! The following are some of the very serious tree diseases that can contribute to the foliage on your oak tree turning brown:

  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch – This deadly and incurable bacterial tree disease is common throughout our region! Unfortunately, it infects a vast amount of popular oak tree varieties! Once your tree has been infected, it will develop premature defoliation and necrosis of the leaves. First, the oak foliage will turn brown along the edges, and eventually, the browning will spread to the center of the leaves. When the browning reaches the center of the oak leaves, the foliage will die. You must maintain the health of your tree to prevent the tree from becoming infected by this destructive pathogen! We have extensive experience here at Arborist USA in treating sick trees! Contact us at (817)880-6130 promptly when your oak tree appears to be ailing and you have observed these symptoms.
  • Oak Wilt – Watch out for this deadly oak tree disease! Millions of majestic oak trees throughout the United States have been destroyed by this lethal fungal pathogen! Tree experts throughout Texas are encountering oak wilt frequently because oak wilt is causing severe damage and destruction to the statement-making oak trees throughout established neighborhoods. Oak wilt prefers to strike the stately Shumard red oak; however, no oak tree variety is safe from oak wilt! Once infected, the oak tree will exhibit a thinning canopy, premature defoliation, and leaf discoloration ranging from yellow shades to dark brown. Because this deadly oak tree disease kills swiftly, it is extremely important to contact Arborist USA immediately at (817)880-6130 when the health of your oak tree appears to be declining!
  • Anthracnose – In addition to infecting many oak tree varieties, this fungal pathogen spreads swiftly and also targets a myriad of popular tree varieties, including dogwood, maple, elm, and walnut. Anthracnose thrives in the early spring cool, damp weather. The infected tree will exhibit a thinning canopy, premature defoliation, leaf deformities, and discoloration ranging from tan to brownish-black. Anthracnose rarely destroys your entire tree; however, the visual damage is unsightly! Call our experienced tree service company at (817)880-6130 immediately when you observe that your tree manifests these symptoms or suspect your tree is unhealthy!

How Do I Find Out If My Live Oak Tree Has A Serious Tree Disease And Needs Treatment?

Do not delay! Contact Arborist USA immediately at (817) 880-6130 and schedule a complimentary consultation with our owner and ISA Certified Arborist! We will evaluate the health of your tree and provide a diagnosis report. Our tree doctor will determine the treatment necessary to treat and eliminate this destructive tree disease. When in doubt, it is always best to enlist the expertise of a highly-trained tree expert!

What Can I Do To Be Sure My Live Oak Trees Stay Healthy?

Entrust the care of your trees, shrubs, and residential grounds to Arborist USA! We are a highly-respected tree service company and provide the best arborist in the entire region! There are many favorable tree healthcare treatments that we provide to guard and protect your valuable trees! We will customize a continual tree healthcare maintenance program exclusively for you and your outdoor grounds! Entrusting the care of your residential feet and valuable trees to Arborist USA will give you peace of mind knowing that your prized trees will always remain strong and healthy and enhance your home and your outdoor environment!

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