My Willow Tree looks sick. What should I do?

When you sense that your valuable willow tree is showing signs of a sick tree, always contact an experienced tree company.  There are many issues that can damage the health of your willow tree; therefore, contact a tree care specialist who will have an arborist that treats sick trees. 

The arbor care expert will evaluate and assess the health of your willow tree and comprise a tree evaluation report.  Willow trees grow quickly and have a vast root structure.  When in question, always contact the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas!

What are the signs of a sick Willow Tree?

The signs that your willow tree will exhibit when it is sick varies and is dependent upon the variety of the willow, the tree disease that’s attacking it, or the insect pest that’s invaded the tree.  Generally, the tree will have dieback, premature defoliation, stunted growth, discolored foliage, and crumbling leaves. When you notice these signs or believe that your willow tree is declining in health, always contact a tree care specialist.

Are there tree diseases or insect pests that can hurt my Willow Tree?

Yes! There are a number of tree diseases and annoying insect pests that can harm willow trees.  Below are some of the many tree diseases and insect pests that our tree care specialists regularly encounter here in the Fort Worth area:

Willow Scab

This is a fungal tree disease that will destroy the new growth on your willow and cause unsightly canker sores to manifest.  If treatment is administered quickly, the dreaded fungal disease can be battled.  Don’t put it off!  Willow trees are very fond of water, but destructive fungal diseases are also!  Contact the best arborist in Fort Worth immediately!

Root Rot

This willow tree destroyer invades the willow’s root system and will cause an overall decline in the health and appearance of your prized willow.  It’s of prime importance that you contact an experienced tree company as soon as you notice that your willow tree appears to be sick.  Early treatment is crucial!

Gypsy Moth

Reproducing at an alarming rate, their infestation is capable of completely defoliating the willow tree.  Not only will your valuable willow have an unsightly appearance, but these tree invaders will also cause the willow tree to have stunted growth and become stressed and vulnerable to other infectious tree diseases. Take action immediately when you see them!  Without treatment, your willow tree and your outdoor environment will be overtaken by these insect pests!

What can I do to keep my Willow Tree healthy?

Graceful willow trees not only add beauty to your environmental grounds, they greatly increase your property value.  Protecting their health is extremely important! If you sense that your valuable willow tree is declining in health, take the proactive approach, and contact an experienced tree company. The smartest way to handle a tree disease or insect pest invasion is to prevent this stressful situation from ever happening in the first place!

Deep Root Fertilization

We strongly recommend this extremely important tree health care treatment!  The highly-trained tree expert injects under pressure the precise liquid nutrients and minerals that the willow tree needs directly into its root zone.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that lawn fertilizer is sufficient to nourish your willow tree!  Soil aeration results from the injected oxygen and the issues that compacted soil can cause are eliminated. 

Trees that receive this important tree health care treatment annually are 95% more resistant to destructive tree diseases and insect pest infestations. Deep root fertilization guarantees that your willow tree will have strong, robust roots.

Regulary Pruning

Regularly-scheduled pruning by a professional tree pruning service will keep destructive diseases like tree fungus from destroying your willow tree. The arbor care professionals will make certain that damaged limbs are pruned and properly destroyed.  Protecting the health of your willow tree is of utmost importance!

Continual tree health care plan

We’re certain that you want to be sure that your willow trees always remain beautiful, healthy, and strong, don’t you?  Enlist the services and expertise of an experienced tree company.  The tree care experts will evaluate and assess your residential grounds and will customize the perfect maintenance care plan exclusively for you.  Willow trees have a fondness for water, but an excessive amount of water will invite damaging fungal diseases! 

If controlled watering is deemed necessary, the tree experts will see to it that your treasured willow trees receive the correct amount of water and that their health is protected.  This will give you peace of mind in knowing that your residential grounds will always be beautiful, make you proud, and that your valuable trees will be safe, protected, and healthy!

If you see signs of a sick willow tree, don’t delay!  Contact the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas today!

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