My Tree Looks Sick. My Neighbor Said It Might Have A Tree Fungus. What Is A Tree Fungus?

Unfortunately, tree fungus is an exceptionally common tree disease that trees are inflicted with.  When the fungal spores encounter a vulnerable host, they enter the tree, begin growing and feed upon the tree.  As there are a multitude of different varieties of tree fungi that trees can be invaded by, it is always best to have an ISA certified arborist analyze, diagnose and assess the health of the tree.  When in doubt, always contact an experienced tree company!

How Did My Tree Get A Tree Fungus?

Tree fungi produce fungal spores that can spread quickly and infect many tree and shrub varieties.  Typically, the spores spread easily through rainfall, high winds and splashing water.  The fungi can also be spread via foot traffic, like walking through damp areas and then walking near healthy, uninfected trees.  Using yard tools that aren’t sanitized and leaving dead leaves on the ground will aid the fungi in spreading also.  For these reasons, it’s always best to entrust your regular lawn care to an experienced tree company.  They will make sure that careless, accidental wounds don’t happen to your trees and that tree fungus isn’t invited to invade your environmental grounds.

What Are Signs Of A Tree Fungus?

Due to the fact that there are numerous tree fungus diseases, the symptoms that you’ll see depend upon what type of tree fungus that your tree has been invaded by.  In the majority of cases, infection by a tree fungus will cause the tree to become weak and vulnerable and the leaves will be wilted, unsightly, or discolored.  Always contact the best arborist in Southlake, Texas!

Are There Tree Fungus Diseases That Can Harm My Tree?

Yes!  Below are some of the destructive tree fungus diseases that our tree care specialists encounter frequently throughout the Southlake area:


This tree fungus is at its peak during damp, cool spring weather.  It overwinters in fallen leaves and will continue to infect your trees for many years if treatment isn’t administered quickly.  This fungal tree destroyer will leave your tree stressed, weak, and vulnerable to other serious tree diseases.  The infected tree will develop spots and blotches, dieback, and premature defoliation.

Hypoxylon Canker

Left untreated, this serious tree fungus will ultimately result in the death of the tree.  It generally won’t infect healthy, robust trees but primarily targets trees that have suffered stress or that have been wounded.  The canker sores first appear as a light tannish-brown and gradually turn silver-gray with dark black spots.  When you notice these unsightly cankers, contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately!


Don’t overlook this one!  Phytophthora is extremely destructive and widespread and will eat away at the root structure and kill your tree if treatment isn’t administered quickly!  The worst-case scenario is that the tree becomes unsafe to be near and it can topple over without notice!  Symptoms include dieback, stunted growth, curling, and drooping foliage, and brownish-colored leaves.

Oak Wilt

This extremely serious tree fungal disease primarily attacks oak trees and no oak variety is immune to its destruction.  It is spread through connected tree root systems and via insect pests.  Without treatment, your valuable oak tree will die quickly, usually in less than several months.  Symptoms include discoloration of leaves and premature defoliation.  Get help from an experienced tree company right away!

Leaf Spot

You can’t overlook this!  When you first notice spots and blotches on your tree’s foliage, contact a tree care specialist!  Spots can be tiny black dots that resemble pepper or odd-shaped splotches with purple or dark brown borders.  As this tree fungus progresses, more spots will appear, and eventually, the foliage will die and fall off the tree.

What Can I Do To Protect My Tree From A Tree Fungus?

The best way to handle a serious tree problem like tree fungus is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place!  First and foremost, a proactive approach and prevention is the key!  The sooner that you address this issue then the least amount of damage will be done to your valuable trees.  Early treatment is essential!

Deep Root Fertilization

This is a must-do highly important tree health care treatment!  The extensively-trained tree expert injects under pressure the precise liquid nutrients and minerals that the tree is in need of directly into its root zone.  Topical lawn fertilizer isn’t sufficient to nourish your trees adequately!  Soil aeration results from the injected oxygen and the issues associated with soil compaction are eliminated.  Trees that receive this important health treatment annually maintain a robust, strong root structure and are 95% more resistant to tree diseases.

Controlled Watering

Sprinklers may be easy to use, but it’s not at all good for your trees!  They threaten the health of your prized trees because they leave excessive moisture on the tree’s foliage and on the outdoor habitat grounds.  This wet environment invites the development of destructive tree fungus diseases.  Controlled watering by soaker hoses or soil drenching, as directed and overseen by an arbor care expert, will make certain that your trees receive the correct amount of water and that fungal tree diseases don’t happen!

Prevent Wounds

Frequently, damaging tree diseases and destructive insect pests target trees that have been wounded or damaged.  Accidental tree wounds can occur innocently from basic lawn maintenance, small construction projects, and shovels and weed trimmers.  Always entrust the care of your residential grounds to a professional arbor care company.  They’ll make sure that careless wounds don’t happen to your valuable trees!

Remove And Destroyed Seriously Diseased Trees

When trees are dead or seriously diseased and beyond saving, they must be professionally removed and destroyed by an experienced tree company with vast experience in tree removal.  This is to protect your healthy trees and disable the destructive tree fungus disease from infiltrating through your entire outdoor environment.  This is yet another reason why you should always contact the best arborist in Southlake as soon as you suspect that your tree is declining in health!

Continual Tree Health Care Maintenance Plan

Don’t you want to make sure that your trees always remain strong and healthy?  Enlist the services and expertise of an experienced tree company.  They’ll analyze and assess your outdoor grounds and will develop the perfect maintenance care plan designed exclusively for you.  This will give you peace of mind in knowing that your residential grounds will be beautiful and that your trees won’t be invaded by a destructive tree fungus.

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