Below you will find out the effective steps on how to take care of a tree. We have provided top-quality full-service tree care to Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex cities for more than 25 years.  Our family-owned and locally-based company of arbor care specialists here at Arborist USA frequently see well-groomed beautiful landscapes in the residential neighborhoods we provide service for. 

Homeowners tend to focus on maintaining their beautiful lawns, yet tend to neglect properly caring for their trees, so you are not alone!  Just like your lawns, maintaining the health of your trees is equally important, if not more so!  Trees offer many benefits. 

Trees add cool, relaxing shaded areas to your outdoor environment, they lower your energy bills and they increase your property value tremendously.  Caring for your trees is of prime importance!

What Should I Do To Take Care Of My Tree?

There are a number of things you should do to guard the health of your trees.  It is always better to be proactive instead of reacting to your tree’s declining and incurring the expense of treating tree ailments.  Below are some important ways you can protect the health of your trees and care for them properly:

On-Going Tree And Plant Health Care Maintenance Program

No two homeowners have identical outdoor grounds with the same trees and plants.  Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind in knowing that your outdoor environment and your trees will always remain healthy, strong and beautiful? 

Entrust the care of your trees and outdoor habitat to an experienced tree company.  The ISA certified arborist, tree expert and arbor care professionals will customize a continual tree health maintenance program exclusively for you.

When Planting New Trees, Make Sure The Tree Is Appropriate For Its Location.

Not all trees thrive just anywhere!  When planting young trees, be certain the tree you select is well-suited to its location.  Some trees prefer cooler weather while other trees thrive in warm sunlight.  If you are not sure if the tree will be healthy where you want to plant it, always contact a tree care specialist. You can also check out this article on how to plant a tree.

Proper Tree Watering Techniques

Just like us, trees need a drink too!  During periods of drought, trees can suffer damage and become stressed.  Too much water isn’t good either.  Excessive rain can cause standing water areas and leave the tree’s foliage wet and wilted. 

This will invite fungal diseases that thrive in water.  Contact a tree care expert to be sure you are watering your trees correctly.  Oftentimes, sprinklers leave too much water on the tree and soaker hoses would be a better idea.  Controlled watering administered by a tree expert will ensure your tree receives the appropriate water for its variety.

Regularly-Scheduled Pruning

Not only does this improve the appearance of your trees, but this also prevents many tree diseases and aids the tree’s health.  Branches that are crowded prevent the tree from receiving adequate sunlight and proper air circulation. 

Crowded trees have wet tree foliage from lack of sufficient airflow and can develop fungal diseases.  Be sure that the regular pruning is administered by a tree company with extensive experience in pruning trees properly.  Never trust the care of your valuable living investments to a contract laborer.  

Protect Their Root Systems

Your tree’s roots are what supports it.  Make sure your tree’s root structure is protected and doesn’t suffer unintentional wounding by shovels or weed trimmers.  Always have your regular lawn activities provided and administered by an experienced tree company to prevent accidental wounding. 

Many destructive tree diseases and insect pests invade trees through their root structures.  Compacted soil prevents your trees from developing adequate root structures.  Entrust the care of your trees to a tree care specialist and be certain the health of your trees is protected.

Will An Experienced Tree Company Help Me Care For My Trees?

Yes!  Call us today at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation.  Our tree care expert will discuss with you the best means of ensuring your trees remain healthy after taking a close look at your specific outdoor grounds and your trees. 

Feel free to ask us any questions you have!  At Arborist USA, we put you, our valued customer, first!  No matter what tree care service you have, we’ve got you covered!  Give us a call!  We look forward to meeting you!

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