My Tree’s Leaves Are Turning Brown. Is My Tree Sick?

Yes, your tree is most likely infected with a tree disease. There are a number of tree ailments common in Fort Worth that cause tree foliage to turn brown. Call an experienced tree company and they will inform you as to the health condition of your tree.

What Tree Diseases Cause The Foliage to Turn Brown?

  • Oak Wilt: This deadly fungal pathogen has had a negative impact throughout Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex. In Texas alone, oak wilt has destroyed millions of oak trees. Its preferred host tree is the statuesque Shumard red oak; however, this disease infects all oak varieties. The diseased tree will at first exhibit a thinning canopy and premature defoliation. The tree’s foliage will discolor and range in tones from yellows to dark brown. This tree destroyer will kill a tree in less than three months so do not delay in contacting an arborist that treats sick trees when you observe the above-mentioned symptoms or sense you have a sick tree.
  • Anthracnose: Spreading easily in cool, damp early spring Texas weather, this complex fungal disease infects many popular shade tree varieties. Elm, maple and oak are but a few of the tree varieties that are targeted by anthracnose. The infected tree will first exhibit a thinning canopy and premature defoliation. Leaf deformities will ensue and tree foliage will become dried, shriveled, misshapen and range in color from tan to blackish-brown. Although anthracnose rarely kills a tree, its visible symptoms are highly undesirable. Early treatment is always best to prevent serious damage; therefore, call an arbor care professional promptly when you have a declining tree.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch: There is no cure for this complex fungal pathogen that destroys many popular shade tree varieties. Bacterial leaf scorch is prevalent in Fort Worth and has negatively affected many trees in established residential neighborhoods. The diseased tree will develop necrosis of the leaves and premature defoliation. The foliage begins by turning brown along the edges and then the browning spreads until the leaves appear to have been burned. Contact a tree doctor immediately when you have an unhealthy tree or its foliage is browning.

How Do I Know If My Tree Has A Disease?

Call an experienced tree company and schedule a complimentary consultation. The arbor care professionals will attend to all of your questions and concerns. The experienced plant pathologist will examine your tree and provide you with a tree evaluation report. A highly-trained tree care expert will determine the treatment your tree requires and administer it so as to ensure your tree’s health is restored.

What Can I Do To Keep My Trees Healthy?

The sure way to guard the health of your trees is to entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. Health-boosting treatments such as deep root fertilization are important to make certain your trees remain robust and strong. Certified arborists, tree doctors and arbor care professionals will customize an ongoing tree and plant health care maintenance program exclusively for you. You will be relieved of the unwanted costs of combating serious tree diseases, tree removal or tree replacement. Proactive measures are always best when it comes to protecting your valuable investments.  The tree care specialists will provide your residential grounds and your trees with the care they need to remain beautiful and healthy.

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