Mistletoe Tree in Arlington Tx.
Mistletoe Tree Near the Arlington, TX Area

I Have A Lot Of Mistletoe In My Trees. What Is Mistletoe?

Even though mistletoe is a parasitic plant that makes its own nutrients from the photosynthesis process, it grows into the wood of the tree and siphons the water and minerals from the tree. For hundreds of years, it has been associated with pleasant traditions that represent peace and romance; however, mistletoe infestation is not a positive thing for the tree that’s been invaded by it!

Some Of My Trees With Mistletoe Don’t Look Good. Is Mistletoe Bad For A Tree?

Providing that mistletoe is professionally removed in the beginning stages of infestation, a small amount of mistletoe won’t harm the tree in its own right. If you don’t have the mistletoe removed professionally, it will continue to spread through the infested tree. It spreads quickly so if you don’t address this issue as soon as you notice the mistletoe, all of the trees throughout your residential grounds will become infested with it! Considering that this parasitic plant is spread by birds, you must act fast and contact an experienced tree company!

What Causes Mistletoe In My Trees?

Birds are fond of feeding upon mistletoe and they spread it by depositing the seed onto tree limbs. Once the birds have placed the seed there, mistletoe is there to stay unless you have it professionally removed!

Can Mistletoe Kill My Tree?

Yes! Mistletoe is an unsightly tree nuisance and affects your tree’s health in a negative way. It will stay on your tree and continue to siphon the nutrients and water from the tree, leaving your tree in a stressed, weakened state. Trees that are weak are vulnerable to infection from other tree diseases and infestation from insect pests.

\If you don’t address this problem quickly, mistletoe can cause falling branches and dead and broken tree branches. If your tree has been subjected to extreme weather conditions, as we often have here in Arlington, Texas, mistletoe will ultimately destroy the tree. Don’t delay contacting a tree care specialist! 

Can I Remove It Myself?

We don’t recommend it! Better put, don’t do it! lt; Mistletoe often grows towards the top of large trees. Why? The birds take the mistletoe seed there! Your safety must come first! Never attempt to remove mistletoe yourself and don’t hire an unskilled laborer! Always contact a tree care specialist when you first notice mistletoe growing in your tree.

What Should I Do To Get Rid Of The Mistletoe?

Don’t put this off and wait until you have a large problem with mistletoe!  The earlier that you address this problem and have mistletoe professionally removed, the least damage will be done to your valuable trees. A professional tree company will have highly-skilled tree experts with many years of Texas tree service industry experience. The safety of you, your residence, and all who walk upon your grounds should be top priority! Contact the best arborist in Arlington, Texas! 

Our entire team of tree care specialists, our ISA certified arborist and our highly-skilled tree expert are licensed, bonded and insured. We wear company uniforms for your easy identification. Our company uses only the finest quality roping, cabling and scaffolds and our removal equipment is well-maintained and state-of-the-art. Don’t you want the best tree expert working for you? Of course you do! Give us a call and we’ll make certain that the dreaded mistletoe is removed from your valuable trees and that your safety is never jeopardized!

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