For over 25 years, Arborist USA has provided caring for mature trees to Fort Worth, Texas and the entire DFW metroplex area.  Homeowners throughout the region we provide tree service for are living in beautiful established neighborhoods graced with an abundance of large, mature trees. 

As can be expected, our ISA certified arborist, tree care expert and arbor care professionals are frequently asked if these mature trees need special care.  Remember, these stately trees are living investments and they need to be cared for properly too!  When in doubt, always contact an experienced tree company.  Call us today at (817) 880-6130.  With us, you are number one!  

I Have Large, Mature Trees All Over My Grounds.  Now They Seem To Be Unhealthy Trees.  What’s The Problem?

Have you had construction projects such as sidewalks, decorative walls or walk paths built on your property?  Are there areas on your outdoor grounds that have high foot traffic? 

Is your regular lawn maintenance done by an unlicensed individual rather than a professional tree service company?  If you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then your mature trees could be declining due to the following:

Compacted Soil

Protect your tree’s roots!  Compacted soil stifles proper root growth and can drastically affect the health of your mature trees.  This is why caring for mature trees is important. Soil can become compacted due to excessive activity within close vicinity of the trees or from construction projects.  It deprives your trees of the oxygen they need. You can also check out this article on how to fix compacted soil.

Unintentional Wounding

Accidental wounding can occur from weed trimmers, mowers, and shovels.  Planting decorative bedding plants close to your trees can invite a problem.  Many tree diseases and insect infestations invade trees through wounds.  Always entrust the regular care of your outdoor grounds to an arbor care professional.

Lack Of Proper Nutrients

Compacted urban soil frequently lacks adequate nutrients, water, and oxygen that mature trees need to be healthy and strong.  Ask an experienced tree expert to evaluate your soil to determine what nutrients your trees may be lacking. 

Are There Treatments My Mature Trees Need?

There are several important treatments that greatly benefit mature trees.  The following are several we strongly recommend:

Deep Root Fertilization

This tree care health treatment is key!  After closely examining your tree, a highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients your tree needs deep into its root zone.  Most homeowners don’t realize that topical lawn fertilizer doesn’t provide sufficient nutrients to their trees. 

Trees that receive this important treatment annually are 95% less likely to develop tree diseases, their health is revitalized and their root systems thrive.  In addition, the injected oxygen aerates the soil and corrects soil compaction issues.  

Tree Health Assessment

Give your trees a check-up!  It is always better to be proactive and prevent a problem from occurring than to be subjected to the expense of treating serious tree diseases or having to pay for tree removal. 

An ISA certified arborist will closely examine your tree and see if your tree is receiving proper nutrition or if it is in a weakened state and vulnerable to serious tree diseases. Caring for mature trees benefits both.

What Should I Be Careful Of In Order To Keep My Mature Trees Healthy?

Always contact an experienced tree company if you observe any indications that your tree might be a sick tree.  Dead branches, branches falling or premature defoliation are cause for alarm.  Contact an experienced tree company and request a diagnosis report. 

Natural mulch not only adds beauty to your landscape, but it also keeps the soil moist around your tree, inhibits weed growth and acts as a barrier to guard your tree against wounding.  Don’t put the mulch all the way to the tree trunk.  An arbor care professional should be contacted and will advise you on the type of mulch to use.  

I Just Use My Sprinkler System To Water Them.  Is That Okay?

Unfortunately, sprinkler systems in established residential neighborhoods with varying elevation levels throughout the outdoor grounds can invite fungal tree diseases, as these tree ailments thrive in excessive water.  Controlled deep watering directed and administered by an experienced tree care specialist is always best.  

Who Should I Contact That Will Help Me?

Contact the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas!  Our family-owned and locally-based company has extensive experience in all tree health care areas.  No matter what your trees need or what tree care services you desire, we’ve got you covered! 

Give us a call at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your free consultation.  You can count on Arborist USA to provide you with the finest tree care service at the best prices to be found anywhere.  Our many happy customers and positive reviews say it all!  

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