Deep root fertilization trees in Mira Vista, TX. Our metropolitan area has lots of beautiful historical trees. Keeping them healthy can be challenging especially with the changes in our environment.

With the drought that we had in 2011 the carbohydrate processing system of many trees got seriously Suppressed. Some species of trees like the savanna post oaks could not process healthy photosynthesis and create sugars. This caused many of the oaks to die that particular year.

In 2014 oak trees and other species had not yet recovered from the severe drought and Dysfunction to their processing system from 2011. This Particular year brought in a change to our North Texas Climate.

We went from dry to a very wet atmosphere. This change further stressed the trees and caused a chain reaction of decline to the health of the overall tree. With too much saturation in the soil cause feeder roots to get clogged and caused fungus in the trees.

This over-saturation brought in lots of insect infestation to include first invaders; beetle borers, and Secondary invaders; bark beetles. This further decline the trees! At this point, many Of our hardwood trees could noticeably look sick.

Here are some signs of sick trees:

  • Bark separating from tree
  • Fungal mats on the main trunk
  • Dieback on branches
  • Defoliation prematurely
  • Smaller leaf structure
  • Delay in re-foliation
  • Spotting in foliage

These are just a few Of a broad spectrum of conditions that have caused many of our hardwoods to die from over-saturation. Mother nature has been cruel to our forest and urban forest Landscapes.

Solutions to the problem of declining trees:

  • Cut back water during rainy seasons
  • Inspect your trees weekly to catch die back before it Spreads.
  • Call in a certified arborist to walk the property with you
  • Have trees trimmed once a year to remove any dieback
  • Aeration and root flare exposure might be necessary to create more oxygen flow

These are just a few things you can do to keep up with your trees and Promote healthy cycles.

The Importance of Deep Root Fertilization Trees in Mira Vista TX

Deep root feeding In the Autumn is vitally important for the overall longevity and health of the trees. Slow-release fertilizers Work very well in combating disease and making the trees more resilient to insects. Most applicators will apply a four chemical mix to the tank.

These materials normally will consist of fertilizing, antibacterial, fungicide and Insecticide. Depending on the severity of the trees help a spraying application Might be needed.

For Deep root fertilization on trees in Mira Vista TX call Arborist USA today for your free evaluations from a certified arborist.

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