Here we will explain how to get rid of webworms. Webworms rapidly overtake your yard and are visually undesirable.  Unfortunately, they are common throughout Fort Worth, Arlington, and the DFW metroplex area. Their favorite host trees include pecan, oak, hickory, elm and a plethora of other tree varieties that are popular in North Texas. 

Arborist USA has been providing service to this area for more than 25 years.  There is never a fall season when our ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and tree care specialists are not encountering and treating trees that have become infested with webworms.  

White Bags That Look Like Spider Webs Are Filling My Trees. Are Those Webworms?

Yes. Webworms multiply rapidly and produce as many as four generations per season. Once a tree has become infested, the other trees will quickly manifest webworm bags. 

Treatment must be administered rapidly to halt their spread.  Without treatment, the appearance of your yard rapidly declines. A tree care specialist should be contacted immediately when you first observe webworms in your trees.

Where Do Webworms Come From?

Webworms are best recognized for their premature caterpillar stage. They endure throughout the winter months hidden in cocoons amongst leaf ground debris or within deep cracks in rough tree bark. 

They can appear here in Fort Worth and the surrounding cities as early as April but normally appear in the fall season as hairy caterpillars approximately one inch long. 

Once they emerge, they begin spinning the webbed bags around them.  Webworms hide inside to protect themselves from bird predators while they eat the tree’s foliage. Diagnosing webworm infestation is a swift process for our ISA certified arborists and tree care experts.  

They’re Spreading Quickly. How Can I Get Rid Of Webworms?

It is of utmost importance to contact an arbor care professional when you first suspect you have a tree with webworm presence. If you delay, your trees will rapidly be filled with webworm white filmy bags.  

Will Webworms Kill My Trees?

Webworms in and of themselves will not kill your trees; however, the more foliage they eat from your trees the weaker your trees will become. A stressed, weaken tree then becomes vulnerable to other insect infestations and destructive tree diseases. 

It is imperative to maintain the health of your trees. A strong, healthy tree has greater resistance to insect infestations and diseases. It is always best to be proactive and prevent yourself from ending up in a position where you have to be reactive to the damage webworms are capable of causing.  

Does A Tree Company Get Rid Of These Wenworms?

Yes! Here at Arborist USA, our family-owned and locally-based company has extensive knowledge and experience in diagnosing and how to get rid of webworms, treating and eliminating webworms. We slash the bags open to expose the caterpillars and bags that are high above the ground in your tree’s canopy are sprayed under high pressure. 

We clean any dead foliage from your grounds to make certain there are no cocoons hidden in the ground debris. Regular tree pruning of infested branches aids in the removal of these destructive caterpillars and their unsightly webbed bags. 

Call us today at (817) 880-6130 and speak with our arbor care experts. With Arborist USA, our top priority is you, our valued customer. No matter if you need webworm infestation eliminated, you have unhealthy trees or desire a continual tree health care maintenance plan customized just for you, we take care of it for you! 

Your trees are valuable assets that greatly increase your property value. It is always best to keep your trees healthy and entrust the care of your prized living investments to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. Give us a call!  We look forward to speaking with you!

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