Arborist USA provides the finest full-service tree care to the homeowners in Fort Worth, Arlington and the entire DFW metroplex. For over 25 years, our family-owned and locally-based company has encountered, diagnosed and treated dying and sick trees innumerable times.

Most homeowners do not know how to tell if their tree is sick or is in the process of dying, so you are not alone. Our ISA certified arborist, highly-trained tree care expert and team of arbor care professionals are here for you to make certain your trees are in the best of health.

Do you need a tree removed? Are you interested in an on-going tree care maintenance program designed exclusively for you? Have you noticed excessive insect activity around your trees? No matter what you need, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to take care of it for you!

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My Tree Doesn’t Look Good. How Do I Know If It Dying or Has A Tree Disease?

To know for certain if your tree is dying or is suffering from a tree disease, it is always best to take the proactive approach and contact an experienced tree company. Request a diagnosis and the ISA certified arborist and tree doctor will closely examine your tree and accurately determine the cause of your tree’s declining health.

Are There Symptoms I Should Look For?

Yes! Unhealthy or dying trees tend to manifest common symptoms. Some of the symptoms depend upon the specific variety of the tree. Below are some of the symptoms you should be on the look-out for.

As some tree diseases are lethal, it is of the utmost importance that you contact a legitimate experienced tree company when you first observe that you have an unhealthy tree. When your tree is suffering from a tree ailment, the earlier that treatment is administered the least amount of damage will be done to your tree.

  • PREMATURE DEFOLIATION: Does it seem odd to you that leaves are falling from your tree and it’s not the appropriate time of year for them to be shedding their leaves? Are your trees losing their leaves in excess? When you observe these symptoms, it’s highly likely your tree is suffering from a tree disease or is in the process of dying.
  • PEELING BARK: Healthy trees have strong bark with an even coverage along their trunk. If you notice peeling, flaking, chipping or bare areas in the tree’s bark then the tree is most likely sick. It is important you know what variety your tree is, as it is common for some tree varieties to shed their bark. Abnormal changes in your tree’s bark indicate either a lethal tree ailment or the presence of a curable tree disease.
  • BRANCHES FALLING OFF OR DEAD BRANCHES: Healthy trees will have flexible branches that do not snap when they are bent. Extreme weather conditions can break your tree’s branches; however, under normal circumstances when you notice dead branches on your residential grounds or see bare branches falling off your tree then your tree is suffering from a tree disease.
  • DISCOLORATION OR DARK SPOTS ON LEAVES: Healthy trees will have leaves that are the appropriate color for their variety and that are free from blemishes or discolorations. Browning or yellowish leaves or leaves that appear to have been burned are indicative of a tree disease. Unsightly dark spots are symptoms of a frequently-seen tree ailment.

How Can I Find Out What The Problem Is With My Tree?

Enlist the services of the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. We will see to it that your tree is properly diagnosed and the correct treatment is administered quickly. No two homeowners have the identical residential habitat or trees on their property.

We will customize the perfect continual maintenance program exclusively for you to ensure you don’t have to worry about your trees declining in health again. With Arborist USA, you have peace of mind in knowing that no matter what tree care service you are in need of, we’ve got you covered!

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