Here at Arborist USA, we are aggressive in regards to battling this lethal fungal pathogen. Our ISA certified arborists, tree experts and arbor care professionals are encountering oak wilt’s destruction in record numbers.

Our family-owned company has been providing tree health care and tree services to the residents of Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area for over 25 years, and the number of oak trees infected by this destructive tree disease continues to increase.

If you observe your oak tree is declining in health, contact us today at (817) 880-6130 and speak with our tree health care professionals.

What Does Oak Wilt Do To My Oak Trees?

Oak wilt shuts down the tree’s vascular system, preventing the tree from dispersing water and nutrients throughout its structure. Once a tree becomes infected with oak wilt, it can die quickly.

Visible indications of oak wilt include premature defoliation and a thinning of the tree’s canopy. Red oaks develop an overall reddish appearance to their leaves. Leaf discolorations ranging from yellows to brownish tones are common for infected live oaks.

How Do I Know If My Tree Has Oak Wilt Disease?

Contact an experienced tree company and request a diagnostic evaluation. Due to the rapid destruction of oak wilt, diagnostic testing is expedited by the experienced plant pathologist.

Laboratory testing to isolate the fungus from the tree’s plant tissue provides further confirmation of oak wilt invasion. Once the presence of oak wilt is verified, a tree evaluation and diagnosis report is presented by a tree doctor. A comprehensive treatment plan will be developed exclusively for you by the experienced tree company.

Are All Oak Trees At Risk, or Just Certain Kinds of Oaks?

Oak wilt’s favored target is the majestic Shimmered red oak; however, no oak variety is safe from becoming infected with oak wilt. Red oaks and live oaks flourish throughout our area and oak wilt has had a devastating effect on neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

Many established residential neighborhoods have had hundreds of oak trees die from oak wilt.

If My Tree Has Oak Wilt, Can It Be Saved?

The only hope of saving a tree that has been infected with oak wilt is to contact an experienced tree company immediately.

As this disease has obliterated literally millions of oak trees throughout Texas alone, the earlier an experienced tree company is contacted the more likely the chance of saving your tree.

How Can I Prevent Oak Wilt from Infecting My Trees?

A proactive approach is key to preventing oak wilt from occurring. Maintaining the health of your trees is of prime importance, as it increases the tree’s resistance to deadly tree diseases.

If you have a tree that has oak wilt, prompt removal and destruction of all dead or infected trees by an experienced tree company that provides tree removal service must be enacted immediately. Old oak firewood should never be stored after spring and must be professionally removed and destroyed.

Guard your trees from accidental wounding by having your regular lawn care provided by experienced arbor care professionals. Valuable trees should be protected by having fungicides administered by a tree expert who employs methods such as trunk injections, systemic micro injections or macro infusion injections and provides a one year warranty for these types of treatment.

Stately oak trees are valuable and increase your property value tremendously. Contact Arborist USA today at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your complimentary consultation. We are the best arborist in Fort Worth and the entire DFW metroplex area. With us, you are our number one priority!

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