Are there benefits to keeping my trees healthy?

Your trees are prized assets! Protecting their health is of prime importance.  Healthy, majestic trees are highlights within your outdoor residential area while providing cooling shade and positively affecting your property value. The dreaded costs of dead tree removal, combating serious tree diseases and insect infestations and removing dead branches strewn throughout your outdoor grounds causes stress, worry and is never a beneficial expense. It is of the utmost importance to work with an experienced tree company to ensure that your beautiful investments remain well and protected.

What are signs of A healthy tree?

Healthy trees always exhibit positive indications that they are free from ailment and are strong and robust. Specific signs vary according to the tree’s variety but in general, the following are some common indications that the tree is healthy:

  • Strong Bark: Tree bark should be solid and unable to be easily peeled away.  Bark falling, chipping, flaking and peeling are all indicative that the tree is declining.
  • Undamaged Leaves: Healthy foliage should be free from blotches, spots and unsightly blemishes.
  • Appropriate Color: Depending upon the tree’s variety, its color should be appropriate and the foliage color change should be conducive to the time of year.
  • Thick Foliage: A healthy tree will have a full, lush canopy.  There will be no wilted leaves or premature defoliation occurring.
  • New Growth: Trees with robust health and vitality will have new growth annually. Depending upon the tree’s variety, new buds, blossoms, branches and fruit should be evident.
  • Flexible Branches: Healthy branches should always be pliable and never snap or break when bended.

What can I do to protect the health of my trees?

A Fort Worth arbor care professional has the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to protect the health of trees common throughout the DFW metroplex. It is always advisable to work with a tree expert and request a personalized continual tree health maintenance plan designed for you and your unique outdoor grounds. Tree care specialists and certified arborists provide important tree health treatments to protect your trees. They are well-able to advise and provide the protection that your trees require and that you desire. Below are some of the important health treatments and proactive measures to ensure the health of your trees is protected:

  • Tree Health Assessment: Damaging ailments are prevented by a certified arborist evaluating the tree’s nutritional needs and making certain the tree receives the nutrients it requires.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: Trees that receive this extremely important treatment annually are 95% less apt to become invaded by destructive pathogens. A tree expert injects under pressure the liquid minerals and nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone. Compacted soil is corrected by soil aeration that occurs from the injected oxygen. The tree’s vitality is escalated and its root structure is revitalized and remains strong.
  • Protect Tree From Wounding: Wounded trees are vulnerable to invasion by disease and insect pests. Frequently, wounds occur accidentally by regular lawn and habitat ground maintenance. Weed trimmers and shovels can cause small wounds that often go unnoticed. It is always best to entrust the care of your residential grounds to an arbor care company.
  • Root Pruning: Trees planted in containers or in small spaces often grow too large for the space they’re in and develop curled roots. Their roots can evolve into girdled roots which constrict the trunk and cause serious tree damage and even death to the tree. Root pruning prevents this from occurring and ensures the tree will remain healthy and not develop stunted tree growth.
  • Tree Growth Regulators: Mature, tall and fast-growing trees need strong root structures to support their stature. This treatment increases root density and the tree’s resistance to diseases.
  • Tree Pruning: Regularly-scheduled tree pruning by a tree pruning company that uses sanitized tools eliminates wounded and damaged branches and ensures the tree receives adequate sunlight and prevents over-crowding.
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