Keeping your trees healthy year round could be as easy as 123. There are several things you can do to keep your trees in good health during all four seasons of the year. Arborist USA is your choice for arbor care Fort Worth. We carefully have studied arbor care for the past 25 years and have worked with residents and with business clients in helping them keep their plantation healthy all year round.

Remember you need to treat your trees like a unique member of your family. With their very own likes and needs and special way of being taken care of. Before you do any tree health techniques you should absolutely study up on the species of tree to see what specifically the ISA international Society of arboriculture recommends for the species.

Here are some tips you can use that are great for keeping your tree healthy.

Understand that when the tree is under five years old it’s in his most volatile point. This is when the root system is not taking full bloom and the tree stands it’s best chance not to survive. Trees five years and older have already established a great root system and should flourished much better than younger trees. Trees that are over 10 years old normally will live out it’s expectancy if you follow some basic tips.

Trees 2 years and younger:

Irrigation is very important especially for young trees! Keep in mind that the younger the tree the more water it would need to grow its roof system deep into the soil. It’s vital that the soil stays moist food at all times, “NOT DRENCHED” but moist. Watering the tree at the base 5 times a for the first year, this will allow the tree to be able to expand the root system freely and not stressing the tree into a state of shock . For trees that are two years and younger you want to use an open hose for about 5 to 10 minutes make sure to use a circular motion on top of the mulch to ensure that you get proper irrigation.

Trees 2-8 years old:
For trees that are from 2 to 8 years old the same applies open holes irrigating for at least 5 to 10 minutes three times a week.
Trees 10 years and older:
For trees that are 10 years and older you don’t need to do much other then either allow the irrigation system from your lawn to feed the tree on a regular basis. Or you can water the base of the tree at the trunk in a circular motion at least 6 feet in diameter once a week for 5-8 minutes.

Mulch around your trees is probably one of the most important barriers that you can invest in. There are great benefits from having mulch around the route base of your trees or you shrubbery.

 Mulch in winter:
One of the best benefits is that it acts as a barrier during the winter and protect your root system from over freezing in frigid cold weather.
 Mulch during summer:
During the summer months it does the same thing by protecting your root system from the scorching heat and drying out the new routes that are sprouting off the main vascular system of the root system.
Mulch hold moisture:
Mulch is also great for holding in and retaining water to keep being a constant drip to the root system and helping your tree to remain hydrated all year long.
Mulch as a protection:
Another great benefit from laying mulch at the trees base is that it protects your root system from lawn equipment. Remember that every time that your bark it’s great that your tree and it leaves the vascular system expose it could cause catastrophic events by bugs infecting the best in her system and your tree becoming sick with disease. Mulch is a natural barrier that helps against weed eaters and lawnmowers.

Pruning should only be done by an Arborist:

For any tree trimming you should always contract a professional company that specializes in Arbor care Fort Worth. Only a trained, licensed individual  has the ability and the proper protocols on where to cut and how to cut the trees limbs and branches.

Please keep in mind that tree trimming is tree surgery and a certified arborist by the ISA international Society of arboriculture should be contracted to do this type of work.
Arborist USA has several in house licensed Arborist that specialized in tree pruning contact our office and schedule a free appointment!