Here are the three most commonly used mulches in the industry.

Coarse Mulch – is best used in large areas like underneath trees or lengthy ground bed. Makes a great barrier to protect your root system from the elements during the summer or cold frigid winters. Fairly easy to install with many different added benefits coarse mulch is highly recommended for all your trees, or shrubbery.  Most tree service companies can apply with no problem depending on the color you would like to choose they do come with much variety. Call Arborist USA we can help in choosing the right mulch today.

Fine Mulch – If you’re looking for a way to plant a flower bed fine mulch is probably the best way to go. This fine mulch is perfect for the root system the flowers and mixes very well along with fertilizers and other additives that you might want to include when mixing the mulch. Comes in a variety of different colors but black is normally the standard choice and is cost-efficient. Normally so that your local hardware store for around $26 for a 100-pound bag it’s a great bargain.

Large Chip Mulch is great for playgrounds and open areas in school systems or for recreational use. Fairly inexpensive out of all the three choices above and comes in a verity of different colors. Is very durable long lasting one application will last for a few years or longer. The only downfall is that big wood chip mulch is messy and you will have to have maintenance after usage those areas. Great benefits is Large Wood Mulch can be racked up to fix appearance with very little to no labor.

Tips on laying mulch around your trees

For all your do-it-yourselfers at home, the above diagram breaks down to detail the steps you should take whenever laying mulch to your trees at home. Couple simple steps you should keep in mind to making sure that you always do the best work possible within a minimal budget. Keep in mind that these recommendations are not just arborist USA but also taken straight from the international Society of arboriculture manual.

Simple steps to take:

1. Make sure you pick the right mulch for the environment and tree you will be working on. For example, if dealing with a tree that’s two years and younger fine mesh mulch will work just fine. If mulching for a tree five years and older course mulch will probably be better recommend it. Picking out the color really is preference and has nothing to do with quality.

2. As the above diagram will show you when laying mulch make sure you completely clean the area you’ll be working with. Removal of all debris and especially free of all weeds.

3. Once you have the desired area cleaned then it’s time for you to lay old newspaper, “do not use plastic it will suffocate the root system”. Cut the newspaper in a circular motion at the trees drip line to cover the circumference area in which you are working with.

4. Now you are ready to start laying your mulch around the base of the trees. Pour the recommended amount only. For example your mulch should never be more than 3 to 4 inches tall from the ground. Adding additional mulch will only give you a volcano affect and will hurt the trees root system more than help it by suffocating the roots.

5. You should the spread the mulch evenly throughout the circumference area with the proper measurements like the diagram above shows you. Example; your circumference area should only reach the distance of the trees drip  line.

6. Important keynote make sure you leave at least 2 to 3 inch gap in circumference  the trees trunk this is the area you will not be adding any mulch too. The results of you adding mulch to this area could increase the chances of insects invading and your tree resulting in insect infestation and disease.

Following these simple work patterns they will help you have the best looking mulching but at the same time keeping your trees Health into account.

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