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Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment Services in Lancaster, TX

Our ISA Certified Arborist Can Help Treat Your Trees and Shrubs From Pests in Lancaster, TX.

Arborist USA provides Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment Services in Lancaster, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Founded upon an unwavering devotion to safeguard its lush landscapes, Lancaster, Texas, has deployed a comprehensive strategy to manage the threat of tree and shrub pests such as aphids, scale insects, beetles, and borers. This articulately designed scheme employs environmentally friendly methods to ensure the welfare of its broad spectrum of flora.

In summary, Lancaster’s methodical approach to tree and shrub pest management speaks volumes about its commitment to the enduring health and vibrancy of its landscapes. Blending early detection, rapid environment-friendly countermeasures, the introduction of natural controls, strong emphasis on preventative actions, a rotation of treatment methods, and the involvement of professional expertise, results in an effective, sustainable strategy. Through its foresighted initiatives, Lancaster, TX, is keeping its greenery thriving, contributing to the collective community gumption for environmental protection, and preserving its rich ecological splendor.

Tree Shrub Pest Treatment Services in Texas
Tree Shrub Pest Treatment Services Texas

If you are in need of Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment Services in Lancaster, TX, please get in touch with Arborist USA today by calling us at (817) 880-6130, your Tree & Shrub Disease Specialist.

Signs of a Sick Tree or Sick Shrub

A Sick Shrub Showing Signs of Pest Infestation in Texas. Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment North Texas.
Leaves Turning Yellow On A Tree in Texas
A Sick Tree Showing Signs of Insect Damage in Texas. Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment Services Texas.
Insect Root Damage On A Tree in Texas. Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment Texas.
  • Dead Branches
  • Yellowing Leaves
  • Fungi or Decay
  • Bark Falling Off
  • Discolored or Rusted Leaves
  • Dying Tree or Shrub
  • Leaf Discoloration
  • Root or Insect Damage
  • Leaves look like they’re being eaten
  • Bark is Peeling
  • Holes in leaves
  • Holes on Bark or Branches
  • Stunted Growth
  • Canopy Dieback
  • Bark Abnormalities
  • Wilting
Severe Insect Damage Showing On Tree in Texas. Treatment Needed for Tree & Shrubs Pest in Texas.

Tree & Shrub Helpful Tips

1. Common Pests:

Trees and shrubs in Lancaster frequently fall victim to pests such as beetles, aphids, scale insects, borers, and caterpillars. Initiating effective treatments as soon as these pests are identified can help mitigate the risk of spread and irreversible damage.

2. Early Identification:

A core value in Lancaster’s preventive approach is early detection. Regular inspection is conducted in green areas to identify the slightest evidence of pests, thus enabling fast and efficient control, and preventing larger-scale damage.

3. Natural Pesticides:

Once pests are spotted, Lancaster immediately introduces organic treatments. Insecticidal soaps and botanical oils not only excel in warding off tree and shrub pests but also promise an insignificant environmental footprint, thus preserving the local ecosystem.

4. Systemic Insecticides:

Systemic insecticides, crucial in the fight against pests residing beneath the barks or inside the trunks of trees, are used judiciously in Lancaster. They course through the plant tissues, targeting the pests internally, upholding the city’s green pledge by limiting the external environmental impacts.

5. Organic Pest Control:

In addition to synthetic treatments, Lancaster harnesses the power of nature’s own pest control solutions. Encouraging populations of natural pest predators like ladybugs and lacewings not only minimizes infestations but also enhances biodiversity and the balance of the city’s ecosystem.

6. Preventive Measures:

Prevention is as important as treatment in Lancaster’s pest management blueprint. The city promotes regular pruning of trees and shrubs, cleanliness in green spaces, and disruption of pest breeding cycles to thwart future infestations before they can take hold.

7. Treatment Resistance:

Lancaster has taken steps to ensure pests are unable to develop resistance. By frequently changing its treatment tactics, pests can’t predict and adapt to these treatments, prolonging their effectiveness.

8. Expert Advice:

Professional expertise is highly sought in the city of Lancaster. Collaborations with professional arborists and pest control services lends a more comprehensive and insightful take on local plant and pest species, improving the course of action against pests and enhancing the city’s green efforts.


If you’re concerned or have any further questions about our Tree & Shrub Pest Treatment Services in Lancaster, TX, or surrounding areas in North Texas, please call us at (817) 880-6130.

Tree & Shrub Pests

Listed below are common Tree & Shrub Pests found in Texas.


A white soft body insect that creates a sticky "honey dew" structure on limbs or leaves, blocking nutrients.


Bagworms lay eggs that create small cone-shaped structures less than three inches in length.


An invasive wood borer that is subject in all wood tissue that causes severe decline in trees health.

Gypsy Moth

A larva that boars into leaf structure that cause lesser of a foliation and decline in overall leaf structure.

Oak Gall

A growth deformity known as a "gall" commonly occur on oak trees subject to branches and other structures.


Termites, wood-destroying insect, eats away at all wood tissue, damaging the structures of the trees.

Twig Girdlers

Being a member of the long-horned beetle family, these girdlers are known to eat leaf and other tree areas.


These caterpillars spin white webbing bag nests in tree branches and eat your tree foliage (leaves).


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