Arborist USA offers you the most superior, professional and highest quality of tree services to be found anywhere in the DFW metroplex region. We are proud to provide the finest tree trimming service to both residential and commercial properties. 

Arborist USA understands that your residence and the trees that grace your property are valuable investments and it is of utmost importance to make sure that your trees are properly cared for and in the best of health.  With Arborist USA, you can be sure that your trees will receive the finest care! 

For nearly 3 decades, our ISA certified arborist, our tree care expert, tree surgeon and team of extensively-experienced tree care professionals have provided exceptional quality tree care service to the homeowners and business owners throughout the North Texas area. 

Safety is top priority with us!  Safety protocols must be adhered to and our entire staff is licensed, bonded and insured.  We see to it that you, your home and our employees are always safe!  For your easy identification, we wear company uniforms and do not hire outside contractors! 

Our tree services are 100% guaranteed! Arborist USA will never leave you worried and wondering what your tree trimming service will cost; therefore, a free estimate is always provided for you!  Our highly-trained and extensively-experienced ISA certified tree arborist will evaluate your trees and determine the the actions that should be taken to ensure that your trees are trimmed properly. 

Here at Arborist USA, we are ready to take care of any tree trimming or tree pruning service that you need!  With Arborist USA, you will have confidence in knowing that your trees will thrive and add beauty to your residential grounds! Call Arborist USA today at (817) 880-6130!

Is tree trimming important?

Yes! Regularly-scheduled, proper tree trimming will greatly increase the longevity and vitality of your valuable trees and make your residential grounds something that you will be proud of and all will admire! To flourish and thrive, tree foliage must receive adequate air circulation and sufficient sunlight.

Crowded branches prevent that! To ensure the health of your trees, Arborist USA strongly advises that you have regularly-scheduled tree trimming by a professional tree trimmer and the best tree service company!

Can I trim my trees myself?

We strongly advise against that!  It requires intensive study, knowledge and experience to trim trees properly.  Never attempt tree trimming yourself or hire an unskilled laborer! 

Here at Arborist USA, we have the necessary skills needed to make certain that your trees are properly trimmed.  Tree trimming and tree pruning should always be done by a professional tree trimmer and tree service company! 

There is much more to trimming trees than simply chopping leaves and branches off!  If tree trimming is not done properly, it can cause permanent damage to your beautiful trees and possibly destroy them!

What do you do when you are trimming my trees?

First, our tree trimming professionals remove any broken or damaged branches.  Dead or obviously diseased branches are removed also in order to guarantee that there is no spread of tree diseases. 

Our tree service company eliminates all dead, broken or damaged branches from your residential grounds and then we proceed to remove excessive foliage and shape your tree. 

We are careful to retain the natural shape of your tree and its good health and structural integrity.  It is extremely important to have your trees trimmed by a professional tree trimmer!

Have your trees trimmed regularly by a professional tree trimmer

Are you wanting to have your trees trimmed regularly by the best tree service company near you and a professional tree trimmer?  Of course you want the best for your valuable trees!  Give us a call at (817) 880-6130 and schedule your free consultation with our tree expert! 

We will analyze the trees that you need trimming for and give you an estimate designed specifically for you!  With Arborist USA, you can be certain that you will receive incredible service and have beautifully trimmed trees that you will be proud of!  

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